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Armağan Oral and Dental Health

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Armağan Oral and Dental Health

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Armağan Oral and Dental Health


Our clinic serves its patients with its specialist physicians and great central location. We aim to increase the comfort and quality of our patients’ life with our commitment to the principle of evidence-based dentistry, our preventive and innovative treatment approach, and our belief in patient-doctor cooperation.

Evidence Based Treatment

We determine the right treatment methods based on evidence, with the right diagnosis, and apply them to our patients.

Protective Approach

With the preventive dentistry approach, we are in a treatment approach that protects and heals the existing natural teeth of our patients.

Hygienic Conditions

Disinfection and sterilization processes required in our clinic are carried out by specially trained healthcare professionals.

Modern Method

In the light of current scientific data, we apply modern treatment methods in all specialties of oral and dental health.

Our Professional and Expert Dentists

Our Doctors

Oral and Dental Health Clinic

dis cekimi islemi
dis cekimi islemi
dis cekimi islemi
implant dis tedavileri

A permanent prosthetic method
used to replace missing teeth.

dis dolgu islemi

Pain relieving method used as the
treatment of intradental infection.

dis teli uygulamasi

Wire or appliance treatment used
for tooth and jaw correction.

dis cekimi islemi
dis cekimi islemi
dis cekimi islemi
sekerin dis sagligini olumsuz etkilemesi

Special treatment methods applied
to protect dental health in children.

laminate veneer uygulamasi

Use of durable, natural-looking
materials for aesthetic dental veneers.


Oral and maxillofacial surgery,It is a
medical specialty that corrects problems.

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