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Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are also known as porcelain veneers. It is a permanent coating for teeth. Today, common usage models are metal porcelain or full ceramic ones. Full porcelain or ceramic coating is very good in terms of aesthetics. But metal-supported crowns are much more durable. These are the best options, especially for anterior teeth. When people want to change the form and color of the teeth in cases such as dental aesthetics, they can apply porcelain crowns. Moreover, it is possible for people with a high loss of substance in the teeth to have porcelain crowns made to protect their teeth.

The main types of crowns; porcelain crown types are types such as metal supported, zircon supported, impres porcelain, porcelain laminate. Within the scope of the applied treatments, healthier and whiter-looking teeth are achieved. It is preferred for teeth that have excessive material loss with porcelain crown coating, teeth that lose their function due to common caries, teeth that have completely lost their natural white color due to the discoloration effect, teeth that have undergone deformity, root canal treatment and become fragile. porcelain crowns,

  • Zircon supported porcelain crowns are veneer types that are prepared using zirconium in the lower layer and porcelain is added in the upper layer. This is among the varieties that will produce results closest to the natural tooth color.
  • The veneer crown image made of ceramic is a procedure with details that match your healthy tooth dimensions, in the tones closest to your natural tooth color, and bring a younger smile.
  • Porcelain crown tooth prices generally vary according to how many teeth will be made and which material will be used.
  • Porcelain crowns are made for crooked teeth, missing teeth, decayed teeth that cannot be handled with normal fillings, significant tooth fractures and for aesthetic purposes.

Generally, at least four sessions are required for the preparation of porcelain crowns. And it gets smaller according to the treatment to be applied in these sessions. Detailed measurements of the entire mouth are taken. The zircon or metal infrastructure prepared on the mouth model obtained from the measurement taken in the laboratory is rehearsed and harmonized in the oral environment. In addition, the patients’ ideas are taken in terms of color and aesthetics, and the applications are continued until the patients like it.

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