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Gingival Aesthetics

Gingival aesthetics are aesthetic applications made to the gingival, which are important limbs for people’s appearance and health. But if dental care is not done enough, discomfort begins. Especially the gingivals can cause a lot of problems. It can cause difficulties for people in terms of both health and appearance. In such cases, necessary interventions can be performed on the gums. In the company of specialist dentists, it is tried to find solutions to the gum problems of the people.

Gingival aesthetics are performed for those who have problems with their gums and those who have long gums. Apart from this, problems in the gingivals can create problems in the health of people. For this reason, gingival aesthetics is one of the most preferred treatment methods recently. Before the gingival treatment is performed, a specialist dentist definitely performs an examination. Then he gives up to the treatment method he will apply. When we look at gingival aesthetic procedures and how gingival aesthetics is done,

  • Gingival aesthetics is performed according to the problem that the person has experienced. The specialist doctor applies a treatment method suitable for the person’s mouth structure and problem. As it is usually performed under local anesthesia, people do not feel pain or ache.
  • Applications can be made with laser or various methods. Minimal bleeding is achieved thanks to a laser procedure that lasts about 15 minutes.
  • It provides an aesthetically easy beauty. The laser method is often preferred because it is an easy method. This treatment can be applied to anyone.
  • The cost of crown lengthening can usually differ according to the mouth structure of the people. If an extra surgical procedure is to be performed, this may be reflected in the prices.

It is made in accordance with the general facial structure of the people and for a better smile. It is performed by dentists who are experts in the field of gingival aesthetics. Gingival aesthetics are of great importance in terms of a beautiful smile and better dental health, which is an indispensable part of a more beautiful and cleaner image. It is done by many people to create a more harmonious gingival image with the teeth, which is done by professional clinics.

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