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Bonding procedures are a treatment method in aesthetic dentistry to ensure tooth integrity. This method is used frequently. At the same time, it is among the transactions that have received more attention in recent years and have been completed with a comfortable process. It is based on the procedure of bonding composite filling materials to the tooth without the need for any abrasion on the tooth surface. In other words, this method stands out because it does not cause damage to the tooth. This method often comes into play when there are small gaps between the teeth, especially when there are minor deformities in the teeth.

With bonding teeth, a more aesthetic appearance is obtained with the additions made on the teeth. Doctors give the most accurate information about whether the bonding tooth is permanent or not, how long the tooth life is, and what should be considered after the procedure. When we look at the bonding process,

  • Bonding application does not harm the tooth. Defects in the tooth are removed in the healthiest way. Before the bonding procedure, the doctor plans whether anesthesia is needed or how to apply to which tooth.
  • During the procedure, bonding agents are applied to ensure the connection between the tooth surface and the material used for filling. Immediately after, the bonding material is selected to best suit the natural color of the tooth.
  • With the final shaping of the tooth, the last polish is applied. It can also be said that one of the most important stages is polishing. Because the tooth should not be discolored and should display a smooth appearance. And polish applications are made to make the teeth more resistant to staining.
  • Bonding tooth prices generally vary according to factors such as the current state of the tooth structure, the number of teeth to be treated, and the experience of the dentist.

Bonding application provides many advantages. Considering these advantages, there are various advantages such as no cutting or abrasion when shaping the teeth, closing the gaps in a short time without the need to cut the side teeth because there are gaps between the teeth, and the teeth being so short that they are not visible when the tooth is talking or laughing. For patients who plan to have laminated porcelain for their teeth, it is shown how they can look beforehand.

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