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Preventive Dentistry for Long-Lasting Smiles

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We Care About Preventive Dentistry for Long-Lasting Smiles

“Early diagnosis saves lives!” Every conscious individual should take into consideration the equivalent of the metaphor found in medicine. It would not be wrong to say that taking precautions before losing your health is one of the smartest things you can do in life. At this point, the importance of preventive dentistry approach and practices in dentistry is as great as the importance of early approach and regular check-ups in the diagnosis of diseases.

As Armağan Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, we continue to raise awareness of our patients for long-lasting smiles with our preventive dentistry approach.

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  • What is Preventive Dentistry?
  • What are Preventive Dentistry Practices?

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What is Preventive Dentistry?

In our country, when there is a pain in the tooth, the dentist’s door is generally knocked on. However, toothache is caused by the tooth already being traumatized. In other words, when pain is felt, it means that a serious problem has already occurred in the mouth. At this point, although the aim is to save the tooth with the least damage, it is now very difficult to get the same performance from that tooth. However, overall body health starts from the mouth.

Inflammation in teeth and gums can damage many functions of the body system, from cardiovascular diseases to many other functions. The most important aim of preventive dentistry is the approach of intervening with preventive practices before the dental problem occurs.

  • Preventive Dentistry;
  • Healthy diet
  • Correct oral care practices

It is a branch of dentistry that aims to maintain the healthy existence of teeth. Adopting preventive dentistry requires proper awareness. This is only possible with habits acquired at a young age.

Awareness of Preventive Dentistry is Gained During Childhood

Childhood is a very important time period in acquiring habits. It is important to raise awareness of oral hygiene in the child starting from the eruption of primary teeth. In this context, the preventive treatment process begins when parents pay attention to the cleaning of their children’s teeth and do not skip dental check-ups. At this point, if the child has a fear of the dentist that has already occurred, it is the parent’s duty to take this into consideration and get support to eliminate it.

By ensuring that milk teeth are in the mouth in a healthy manner, the permanent teeth that will appear in the near future will be properly aligned. When permanent teeth start to appear, the first examination should be performed and parents should be made aware of this issue. Within the scope of preventive dentistry, teeth that are prone to decay in children should be identified, fissure sealants should be applied and resistance to decay should be provided.

The Importance of Fluoride and Sealant Application in Preventive Dentistry

Although there is a prejudice against the application of fluoride in society, this is wrong. In line with the preventive dentistry approach, fluoride and sealant should be applied as soon as the first permanent teeth emerge. Fluorine is a mineral found in nature and water. Sealant is a treatment very similar to fluoride application. Sealant is especially applied to the grooved points of the teeth. This prevents debris from settling into the grooves. Fluoride application changes the hydroxyapatite structure of the tooth to the fluorapatite structure. Thus, a more durable structure is formed and is effective in preventing caries. Many studies have reported that the use of certain amounts of fluoride or sealant is protective for teeth.

If caries formation has started despite all efforts, it can be detected early thanks to the preventive dentistry approach. By cleaning the resulting cavities and filling them with fillings, the function of the tooth is successfully preserved.

We Stand by Our Patients with Our Preventive Dentistry Approach

The earlier awareness of preventive dentistry is created, the more advantageous it will be in preventing dental problems that may occur in later ages. In this way, healthy teeth can be preserved for many years, and possible problems can be prevented or delayed.

As Armağan Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic; We will always continue to support our patients with our central location, expert physicians, evidence-based dentistry principle and innovative treatment methods.

Our aim; Our aim is to always increase our patients’ oral and dental health awareness, comfort and quality of life with our preventive dentistry approach. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment now; Start your regular doctor check-ups immediately. Don’t be late to smile with lifelong health!

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