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Physical Health Starts First in the Mouth

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Take Care to Protect Your Oral Health in Summer

Maintaining oral and dental health is like the magic key to a healthy body. Because the nutrients that we know are necessary for our body enter our body through the mouth and are digested and delivered to all our organs. In other words, we can say that physical health starts from the mouth. At this point, it is also important to be extremely careful with the foods we consume.

Healthy and Proper Nutrition

Questions such as what we should eat for oral and dental health or which foods we should consume often come to mind. However, foods that should be avoided to protect oral and dental health are also among the topics that are wondered.

According to the general needs of the body, the foods we consume in summer and winter naturally differ. Very hot or high sugar foods that we tend to consume in winter adversely affect our oral health, while consuming very cold, acidic or sugary foods in summer can pose a threat to our oral and dental health.

In the continuation of our article, we are very curious in the summer months;

“What are the foods that should be considered for oral and dental health in summer?” 

“What foods should we avoid to protect our oral and dental health?” 

We will give answers to questions such as “What should we consume for oral and dental health?”

Avoid Cold Drinks High in Sugar and Acid

With the effect of the sweltering summer months, there is a significant increase in the consumption of cold drinks. Especially when ice is added to drinks high in sugar and acid, such as cola, it is inevitable to see an increase in dental clinic visits in the summer months.

Although cold drinks and ice cream, which are indispensable in the summer months, provide a pleasant cooling in our body, they can actually cause serious damage to the teeth. Iced acidic drinks and ice cream, which are especially high in sugar, can create extra acid in the mouth, causing decay in the teeth and cracks in the tooth enamel.

This situation, which can cause increased sensitivity in the teeth, pain and aches, is one of the most important reasons for the increase in dentist visits, especially in the summer months. If you do not want to spend your holidays badly, we recommend that you avoid consuming such foods.

Alcohol and Ice Consumption is also One of the Mistakes Made in the Summer

One of the defense systems in our mouth is saliva. It plays an active role in reducing the effect of plaque and acid in the mouth. Therefore, anything that causes dry mouth is extremely harmful to the tooth.

Alcohol is also a drink that should be avoided because it will cause dry mouth. Increasing water consumption by avoiding alcohol use will be the right option for both oral and physical health.

The act of chewing ice, which has recently become a dangerous social media trend with the name of eating ice, is very harmful for dental health. Ice is a very hard and cold substance. If you have old and large fillings in the mouth, your teeth can break very easily as soon as you chew ice.

Unwanted cracks can form in your tooth enamel. All of this can cause sensitivity and pain in the teeth. You, be you, stay away from eating ice for whatever reason.

A Healthy Mouth is the Key to a Long Life

In summary, a healthy mouth and healthy teeth indicate a long life. It is possible to protect your oral health for many years with a few lifestyle changes. Protein-based foods such as milk and cheese; Plant-based foods containing organic and inorganic phosphates can be preferred for caries prevention.

In providing oral and dental health; A diet rich in vegetables, rich in protein and fiber, should be adopted. Consuming coffee, tea, alcohol and acidic beverages in moderation, controlling sugar consumption, and having regular dental check-ups are important issues in preventing caries. In addition to all these, stimulating the secretion of saliva is an important detail to ensure oral and dental health. At this point, fresh foods that have not been chemically processed should be preferred, and care should be taken to drink plenty of water. In addition to brushing teeth, tooth-friendly sweetened gums can be chewed between and after the main meal.

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Take care of your oral and dental health, do not lose the key to your body health!