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Laminate Veneer (Leaf Porcelain)

Leaf laminate is a type of porcelain restoration used to change the color, form and position of anterior teeth together with special bonding techniques. It is possible to achieve the desired smile in a very short time thanks to the laminates that imitate the natural teeth. Lamina is generally an aesthetic application. And it gives excellent results.

Laminated sheets are among the most affordable dental aesthetic applications. 3D design of the teeth is made before the laminate application. These designs are shown to the person before the transaction is made. In lamina porcelain applications, much less tooth cutting is done. In some cases, laminated porcelain is applied without cutting the tooth surface. Leaf porcelain application,

  • Today, laminated porcelains are the materials that provide the most aesthetic and natural appearance. Very few teeth are cut. For this reason, it reflects the light transmittance of the natural tooth it is applied to.
  • A well-made lamina restoration is indistinguishable from natural teeth. And people who are not satisfied with their tooth color or who have a discoloration on the tooth surface as a result of drug use can use it.
  • It can be used for the restoration of gaping teeth, broken or worn teeth and replacing old and discolored fillings in anterior teeth. It can also be used to correct crooked and crooked teeth.
  • It is applied to people who have not had porcelain crowns before and in cases where there is no tooth deficiency.
  • Those who have leaf laminate teeth and porcelain laminates can be made by people with good gingival health or people with unhealthy gingiva, even after gingival health is restored.

In general, changes that may occur before porcelain laminates are made can be seen together with the 3D design. Temporary materials are copies of porcelain laminates to be applied. At this stage, the tooth shape, form and color suitable for your face are determined. When the desired changes are made, your dentist can show you the changes that will occur in your teeth without any intervention on your teeth.

Let’s talk about how long the life of laminated porcelain is. When used with good oral care, it is possible to use it for 15-20 years without any problems. Because materials with superior properties are resistant to staining and abrasion. A well-adhered lamina feels like a natural tooth and can naturally be applied to any tooth structure.

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