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Orthodontic treatments are generally related to structural position disorders observed in the alignment of the teeth. In addition, there are deformations in the jaw bones. In other words, orthodontics covers the detection, early prevention or improvement of the damaged jaw and teeth with misalignment. It is a section often known as braces treatment in the community.

In Which Situations Is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

The question of when orthodontic treatment is required is often asked. The most common problems in orthodontic terms are the position disorders of the teeth, and sometimes undesirable disorders in the posture of the jaw or indirectly the whole face.

Only dentists who specialize in orthodontics perform orthodontic treatment. As a result of the trapezoidal arrangement of the teeth, 6 basic different types of disorders are prevented in the teeth and their relations with each other. And treatments are carried out.

Which Types of Orthodontic Disorders Can Be Prevented?

When we look at what orthodontics does, many different disorders are treated. For example, one of them is that the upper teeth cover the lower teeth more than normal. . And with these disorders, the upper teeth are positioned relative to the lower and corrected with orthodontic treatments. Apart from this, about which orthodontic treatments can be avoided;

  • The situation where the lower teeth are ahead of the upper teeth, and there is a mismatch between the lower and upper teeth.
  • The situation where the front teeth do not touch each other and the gap between the teeth remains even when the back teeth touch each other to close.
  • The condition of gap formation between teeth lost due to genetic reasons or external factors.
  • Crowding, that is, the situation where there is not enough space for the teeth to come out in a healthy way in one or both jaws and the resulting jamming causes misalignment.

Apart from all these, complications that occur as a result of situations that cause deformations in the patient’s teeth and jaw structure, such as accidents, injuries or physical traumas, are also corrected by orthodontic treatment methods.

How Is Orthodontic Treatment Done?

The issue of how orthodontic treatment is done is also frequently on the agenda. Problems in this regard are usually related to braces. There are 4 types of orthodontic treatment methods that are widely used today. And the wires to be used during the procedure may vary depending on the structural disorder or some points of the patients. One of them is metal braces. Considering the durable tooth and jaw structure, it can be placed on the inner or outer surface of the tooth by dentists. Apart from this, there are treatments such as transparent braces, lingual braces, and clear plaque.

In our country, braces are used most frequently within the scope of orthodontic treatments. Braces are used to prevent crowding in the teeth. And besides moving the teeth, correcting the development of the jaw or controlling the development of the muscles are the main effects of the treatments. Brackets are attached to the teeth deemed appropriate by the orthodontist and the dentist. And thanks to the wires passed between the bonded brackets, the teeth move in the desired direction.

Why Orthodontic Treatment Is Needed?

Let’s answer the question of why orthodontic treatment is needed. As a matter of fact, orthodontic treatment does not only carry aesthetic concerns. In addition, it aims to prevent gum diseases that may be encountered in the future, to prevent problems in the jaw joints, to provide chewing functionality and to eliminate this problem for individuals with speech disorders. For this reason, orthodontic problems can be solved according to the orthodontic problem. Sometimes orthodontists can work in cooperation with other sub-branches of dentistry. Apart from this, why orthodontic treatments are needed,

  • Many of the individuals experience aesthetic anxiety primarily due to tooth crowding and cause not only aesthetic anxiety but also many other dental problems.
  • It is difficult to maintain oral hygiene in crooked teeth and caries can occur more easily, as well as dental diseases can occur with gingival recession by searching plaque accumulation in the interfaces.
  • Due to the crowding in the teeth, it is observed that especially in people with a forward upper jaw, it affects the front teeth more such as falling and hitting the ball, and it can often lead to losses in the front teeth.
  • Especially in individuals who have too much space between the lower and upper front teeth, the pronunciation of some sounds is difficult and speech disorders are observed.

All these problems, in many cases, orthodontic treatments are performed, and with the best orthodontic treatment, individuals’ self-confidence increases with a more beautiful smile and more beautiful tooth structure, and creates positive effects in their social life in general.

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