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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening procedures are for teeth that have lost their whiteness over time. With this process, the enamel layer of the teeth turns into a porous structure over time, with the method of regaining its old appearance and whitening. As a result of intensive use of tea, coffee, cigarettes and similar substances, stains and yellowness occur in the enamel and dentin layer. In these cases, teeth whitening methods are applied as a result of discomfort.

Natural teeth whitening is performed by doctors. It is recommended not to use products such as gels and paints without the approval of the doctor. Whitening procedures show a great effect even in a single session. Teeth whitening procedures are among the completely harmless methods. Teeth whitening differs by method and in general,

  • There are two different application methods of dental bleaching, home and office. In both types of bleaching, the priority is in the examination of the person.
  • If there is no obstacle to the process, the dentist decides which type of bleaching will be done. After the examinations, the teeth are bleached.
  • Bleaching methods applied by the physician in the clinic are the most preferred among dental bleaching applications. After the teeth are dried, a protective gel is applied to the gums so that the bleaching agent does not damage them. This gel is then frozen with the help of light.
  • Office bleaching methods are the most preferred dual gel application with different products developed in recent years. With this system, two different gels that whiten and strengthen the teeth are mixed and applied. And teeth are whitened in a completely controlled way.
  • People perform tooth bleaching procedures painlessly with a single session. And they can have an aesthetic smile by having a whiter tooth structure at affordable prices.

Permanent tooth bleaching is a procedure that anyone over the age of 16 can have. But for this, the process recommended by the specialist should be followed. For example, people who have cavities in their teeth or who need different treatments should first deal with these treatment procedures. Afterwards, the teeth should be whitened. Permanent teeth whitening does not work on teeth with porcelain veneers. Apart from this, people can benefit from the best teeth whitening opportunities as a result of the examination.

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