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Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatments are treatments aimed at correcting the defect for the tooth to be different and crooked from the normal tooth structure. In orthodontic treatment, mouth, teeth and head structure are examined to correct the problem. Then, it is the treatment methods that allow the person to get the teeth he wants by correcting the crooked tooth problems in the teeth.

Orthodontic problems; The lower jaw of the patient is forward or backward, the presence of skeletal disorders or the incompatibility of the person’s jaw structure are some of the causes of orthodontic problems. These problems may be inherited from childhood. For this reason, orthodontic treatments are performed for individuals. When looking at orthodontic treatments,

  • It is possible to perform orthodontic treatments at any age. Today, this treatment can be given to both children and adults. Age is not a negative criterion or obstacle for orthodontic treatment.
  • Before orthodontic treatment, clinical examinations should be performed for diagnosis and treatment planning. Profile image with a smile, the degree of disorder in the jaws and teeth is determined by examination. Thus, the treatment plan and course are determined.
  • With braces applications, the problems that occur in the teeth are prevented while people achieve the image they dream of. A more confident smile is provided in order to prevent crookedness and distortions in the teeth.
  • While orthodontic problems are resolved in braces treatments, the teeth also gain an aesthetic appearance. People smile easily after braces treatment. Your speech disorder due to the alignment of the teeth will improve after the treatment and people can now smile easily.

In general, orthodontic treatments are an important step for the proper alignment of your teeth. But the post-treatment process is also important. . Consolidation therapy should be continued for a certain period of time after treatment. If you ignore this treatment, the result of the treatment applied to the teeth will be unsuccessful. With braces and other orthodontic treatments applied in recent years, people can achieve the desired tooth structure. With the development of technology, orthodontic treatments are performed faster and more effectively.

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